In a world where environmental challenges are becoming increasingly pressing, innovation and sustainable solutions are more crucial than ever before. Cleantech Catalyst aims to be at the forefront of driving positive change by fostering and supporting groundbreaking ideas in the field of clean technology.

About Us

The trajectory of our planet's climate is changing fundamentally, and 2023 marks the beginning of what we can call the era of global boiling. Far-reaching action is needed to reduce devastating impacts and achieve a sustainable, low-carbon future. In this context, cleantech innovation and sustainability initiatives have become even more critical.

We recognize the situation's urgency and aspire to take a role in driving positive change. Our mission is to foster and support groundbreaking ideas within the area of clean technology, thereby contributing to the collective effort to combat global boiling and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Fueling the future of sustainability, our cleantech business incubator, “Cleantech Catalyst,” is dedicated to nurturing and accelerating startups with environmentally-forward visions. We offer a dynamic ecosystem, expert mentorship, and essential resources to transform green ideas into impactful solutions for our planet.


Main Pillars


How Will You Benefit?

Cleantech Catalys incubation program is designed to be a transformative journey for cleantech startups. Over the course of 6 months, you will embark on a path that includes mentorship sessions, 11 enlightening workshops led by industry leaders, and a range of special activities.

Office Space

At Cleantech Catalyst, we understand that a conducive workspace is essential for the growth and success of startups in the cleantech industry. That's why we offer dedicated office space tailored to the needs of our participants.


Throughout the program, you'll have access to seasoned experts who bring a wealth of experience to the table. These experts will work closely with you to provide guidance, insights, and personalized support to help you overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities.


Gain a competitive edge with our series of 11 workshops, each led by distinguished industry leaders. These workshops will delve into crucial cleantech topics, equipping you with practical knowledge and skills to drive innovation and growth.


Cleantech Catalyst program offers a spectrum of special activities. These include events organised by Surinse Tech Park, conferences and collaborative projects with fellow startups. These activities foster connections, promote collaboration, and expose you to a broader cleantech ecosystem.

Cash Prize Winning Opportunities

As a Cleantech Catalyst participant you not only gain invaluable mentorship and resources but also stand a chance to win cash prize worth of 10k EUR at the Demo Day of the program. Seize the opportunity to accelerate your impact and secure funding for your groundbreaking solutions.

Meet Your Coaches

Klaudija Budreikaitė

Principal at Open Circle Capital

Roman Lobas

Senior Manager in the Venture Partnerships at Deel

Monika Paulė

CEO at Caszyme

Jacekas Antulis

Partner at Metida

Simona Sandaraitė

Head of Expansion and New Product at Nord Security

Arvydas Bložė

Partner at Practica Capital

Dmitrij Sosunov

Partner at FIRST PICK

Audrius Rubinas

CEO at Pelningi sprendimai

Dive into the world of cutting-edge knowledge with our lineup of distinguished workshop coaches. These coaches represent a spectrum of disciplines within the cleantech industry, bringing a wealth of insights, innovation, and real-world experience to Cleantech Catalyst. Explore the profiles of our esteemed coaches and get ready to engage in transformative conversations at Cleantech Catalyst.

Vytautas Černiauskas

Expert at CIVITTA

Tal Catran

Tech Innovation Expert

Austė Pranckutė

CEO at Stuart Energy

Meet Your Experts

Jia-Hong Shaw

Angel Investor at Turn Off Turn On Ventures


Coen Faber

Entrepreneur at Pure Birds

The Netherlands

Tal Catran

Startup Guru


Kadi Ristkok

CEO at Cleantech Estonia


Imants Martinsons

Member of the Board at Greentech Cluster Latvia


Svitlana Khrystenko

Facilitator at WorldStartup

The Netherlands

Kaija Veskioja

Researcher at FinEst Centre for Smart Cities


Diana Garlytska

Sustainability Expert


Laima Balčiūnė

CEO at Sunrise Tech Park

Edgaras Kriukonis

Digital Innovations Expert at Sunrise Tech Park

Evelina Šalavėjienė

International Projects Manager at Sunrise Tech Park

Meet your experts, a diverse group of industry leaders and experts committed to driving innovation in clean technology. Each expert is dedicated to guiding and supporting the next generation of cleantech innovators, fostering a collaborative environment for transformative ideas.

Laurynas Braškus

Innovations Expert at Sunrise Tech Park

Andrius Gurskis

Innovations Consultant at Sunrise Tech Park

Alfred Šostko

Community and Innovations Manager at Sunrise Tech Park

Sigita Zulonienė

Community and Events Coordinator at Sunrise Tech Park

Sandra Karnilavičiūtė

CMO at Sunrise Tech Park

Erki Ani

General Partner at SFV

Julija Maslinskaitė

Business Development and Relations Manager at DocLogix

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